We adhere to the belief that no job is too important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.

Oilfield Services
Our crews get the job done right and keep each other safe.


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Lobo logistics is Eager to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

We specialize in the on time and on demand nature of oil field operations. With nearly 2 decades of experience in South Texas plays, we have established an expertise in not only well supporting freight and operations, but also the knowledge required to support and simplify your supply chain.

Our drivers, operators, supervisors, and crews work with the mindset of safety that our company culture is founded on.  We go beyond certifications and create a true environment where our people know that their safety is put above all else.  We are very active in the HSE programs of all of our clients and strive to lead by example.

Lobo Logistics LLC


Heavy Equipment Haul

We can move multiple types of equiptment

Oilfield Transportation

The efficient and safe transport of oilfield tubulars is our specialty.

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